Desain Rumah Fiber Glass

Desain Rumah fiber glass adalah desain rumah dengan finishing exterior memakai bahan fiber glass , sehingga kalau malam bila lampu di nyalakan akan berpendar lampunya dan akan terlihat cantik bila di pandang pada malam hari.

House in Kikuicho / Studio NOA


Architects: STUDIO・NOA Architect & Associates
Location: , Japan
Project Area: 55 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Studio NOA

An exterior wall has an obvious yet important role, separating the inside from the outside. In many wooden structures, exterior walls are divided into many layers, each with various purposes. The outer layer is made to protect against weather, dirt and fire, while inner layers need fireproofing as well as aesthetic attributes. As a result, the total thickness can be 20 cm thick.

desain rumah joglo modern terbaru dari kami di puncak dieng

For this project we developed and added one more layer to it. Raised from the face of the unit, the translucent cladding softens incoming light and blurs the visibility of both passerby’s and inhabitants. The milky surface extends over the windows to obstruct the view of neighboring structures and street-level traffic, while other less-compromised views and openings remain exposed.

mau pesan rumah dengan tema seperti ini bisa klik disini

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